Here's what people had to say about Bear Creek Studios!

"Our experience with Donnie and Bear Creek Studios was top notch! We met Donnie a few weeks before our wedding and were immediately set on working with him. He was always there to answer our questions, and he even made two trips to our venue before the wedding to work out those minor details beforehand! Our wedding video was spectacular, and we weren't waiting months after our wedding to get the video back...we had a fully edited DVD within weeks of our wedding! Donnie is exceptional to work with!"

"Every wedding day is magical. And I don’t mean in a fairy tale way. They’re magical like childhoods are magical. There’s something innately grand and wonderful about the day when you and another person join together, synchronizing your lives to start a family. A union that is by far the greatest feat of man or magic. All of this takes place in one special day. It’s the one day in your life that you, YOU get to have. You and your spouse own that day for the rest of your lives. Its day one of the greatest adventure to which you will get to embark. But just like any magic, its lost so quickly to the greedy hands of time and nostalgia that you hardly get to experience it in all its grandeur. Thankfully, Donnie Bales at Bear Creek Studios captured our wedding on film so that it is no longer a memory to be stolen, but a night to relive and share over and over. All of the little details that you spent months or years planning rain down with the confetti and bird seed as you walk out the door of the church to your honeymoon and your new life. Don’t leave them behind. Cherish them like the memories that they are, relive the night and all of the special moments that you may miss. Mr. Bales has the uncanny ability to transform those memories into sweet dreams for the rest of your life, to capture the magic that you otherwise allow to fade away into the black void of time. It was our magical day. Now we have a ticket to return anytime we wish. Bear Creek Studios and Donnie Bales just helped us punch the ticket."